Fake Blood and Alex Metric

Sadly I wasn’t able to get tickets to the Bag Raiders, Classixx and RAC show a few weeks back. So I’ve picked up tickets to Fake Blood an Alex Metric as a consolation prize. And as consolation prizes go, it’s sure to be better than a red ribbon. Fake Blood While last month’s featured DJs are known for dreamy remixes heavy on synth, Fake Blood builds bangers. tell me more

Top Indie Songs 2012: Pop

 The Top Ten Indie Pop Songs of 2012 The unofficial tagline of this site is “It’s not Brittany, bitch.” But my hopes are that the days of such cornball kinderwhore are over. Why just you listen to these ten delicious pop songs from 2012 and you’ll find you’re beginning to feel much more optimistic about the future of pop music. After drafting this list, I realized quite a few of these albums haven’t been released in the U.S. yet. Sorry for any aneurisms this inaccuracy causes in your tender, particular brains. But we gotta keep it up and coming around… tell me more

Great indie lyricists #2: Los Campesinos!

This is song #2 of a playlist for Kat. The subject is great indie lyricists. Hi Kat, Since you've been obsessed with the Mountain Goats lately, we've been talking about who some of our favorite modern lyricists are. This playlist was made specifically to answer that question. Los Campesinos! We Are All Accelerated Readers listen/download lyrics There were conversations about what Breakfast Club character you'd be "I'd be the one that dies" (no one dies)"Well then what's the point?"You should have built have a statue, and so I did of you And you were ungrateful, and slightly offended at the… tell me more

Body Language – You Can

Dreamwave/chillwave bands have been getting tons of play on streaming sites so I know you kids like the genre. But where is the love for Body Language? They’re creamy dreamy synth orchestrations are just as satisfying as The XX and Neon Indian and every song I discover of theirs quickly goes into the heavy rotation. Plus, they must have quite a little black book of contacts where they live in Brooklyn, because they get some quality names making their remixes. Here’s what I’ve been overplaying most recently: Body Language – You Can Body Language – You Can (Keep Shelly in… tell me more

We Are All Accelerated Readers

Here’s a little snippet from my journal from the night of the Los Campesinos show June 26, 2008. Definitions! skanking: V.  The dance you do at the Los Campesinos! show when you are hysterical with joy and you have leg room. pogo: V.  The dance you do at the Los Campesinos! show when you are packed like Mentos in a Coke bottle with other joyful fans. mosh:  V. What happens when the whole crowd fizzes over, bounding off walls and fleshy sweaty bodies all singing “It’s you…It’s me…It’s dancing!”. drum solo: N. When the drummer for Los Campesinos runs into… tell me more