Writing Links

Networks for Writers

Backspace is an online writer’s resource. It costs a Ben Franklin to get regular access to their forums, but they do offer a five-day free trial. Also check out their articles.

Duotrope allows you to search a huge database of poetry and fiction publications (both online and print).  There are a lot of fantastic filters like payscale, genre, length, simultaneous submissions. It’s like everything you dreamed Poet’s- & Writer’s Market would become online. Did I mention it’s free?

The Writers, Agents, Editors Network is a social network for writers and those in the publishing industry. What sets this site apart from others like it is that there are so many agents here, offering advice and giving you a glimpse into what sorts of manuscripts they’re looking for. They run contests on drafting queries, something every author will need to master if they seek publication.

Another social network for writers is ABC Tales. Since the death of urbis.com, as far as I can tell this is the best social network for writers to post their projects if they are looking for criticism.

Getting Published

Writer’s Relief is a boutique agency to which you can outsource the nuisance of researching where to submit your finished work. I emphasize researching though they also edit submissions, write your query letter and offer general coaching. If you have money to burn and you have spent more time than you would like to admit not sending in your stuff Writer’s Relief may be for you.

Revision Sites for Writers

Autocrit.com provides automated criticism. It’s like the Space Odyssey 2000 version of Spellcheck. Just paste your writing into the box and it will point out all sorts interesting things like overused words and clichés. For 47 dollars a year it will even tell you where you have issues with pacing and readability…though I’m not convinced a computer can do these things well, the free options I’ve tried were  impressive.