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Sneak a Listen at 826 Valencia Benefit Album Tracklist

By on Nov 27, 2013 in Bay Area, Books, Writing, Publishing, Culture, Gotta Hear This Music, Playlists, Publishing:, San Francisco, Writers, Writing | 1 comment

Check out some songs from the forthcoming 826 Valencia benefit album.

“How Do I Get Published?” Tip #2

By on Aug 13, 2012 in All, Books, Writing, Publishing, Publishing: |

As a publishing industry professional, I’m often asked, “How do I get published?” Here’s my second post on what you can do now to help your chances of getting out of the slush pile and into the bookstores. This is focused on how to be published with traditional publishers, but these tips will help you with self-publishing too. “How Do I Get Published?” See Your Name in Print #2: Prove That Your Book Has Sales Potential One way to convince a publisher to publish your book right now is to have solid data showing that there is an interest in buying it. The way most writers approach this is through tip #1, Establish Yourself As An Expert, but it’s not the only way. The way we’re looking at today is showing how similar books sold well. Smart publishers will look at how well comps (industry term for competing titles in the same category) have...

We Lost A San Francisco Legend Today:RIP Kathi Kamen Goldmark

By on May 24, 2012 in All, Bay Area, Books, Writing, Publishing, Publishing:, San Francisco, Writers |

It is perhaps odd for me to write a eulogy for Kathi Kamen Goldmark because in truth I barely knew her. I can say this: she always volunteered to speak or answer questions for the NCBPMA, and because of her friendliness and approachability she was one of the first local producers I knew by name. She was one of those vivacious people that seems to be everywhere, and always smiling to boot. Being a producer is a tough job, and yet she never hesitated to answer a question or offer an explanation about why a certain guest would or wouldn’t be a fit for her show. She somehow managed to do this job while writing books and performing in the literary group the Rock Bottom Remainders. As I’ve embarked on this journey in the Bay Area publishing world, I always imagined the day when Kathi and I would be friends. Not because she was some milestone of important authors (though she was!)...

Nicholas Carr on E-Books

By on Jan 4, 2012 in Books, Writing, Publishing, Publishing: |

via Nicholas Carr has an article in The Wall Street Journal about the malleability of e-books. Because a digital edition can be perpetually edited, it is never officially finished. He muses on how intrusive school boards and dictators will tinker in otherwise “published” e-books. The section that interested me most (as I’ve pondered the article’s subject before) was this: What may be more insidious is the pressure to fiddle with books for commercial reasons. Because e-readers gather enormously detailed information on the way people read, publishers may soon be awash in market research. They’ll know how quickly readers progress through different chapters, when they skip pages, and when they abandon a book. I can absolutely see publishers doing this. It could create a world where books are tailored to fit a majority, in the same way market...

Getting published: See Yourself in Print #1

By on Aug 25, 2011 in All, Books, Writing, Publishing, Publishing: |

Because books are my bread and butter folks occasionally ask me how they might get into the business of being a writer. There are a lot of things you can do to get your polished prose in the hands of booksellers. Note that this isn't about self-publishing, but getting your book printed the old fashioned way. Image thanks to Barbara Moldenhauer This Week's Tip to Becoming A Bad-Ass Author: Establish Yourself as An Expert The more you can do to convince the publisher that you're an authority in that area, the easier it will be for them to sell you to Barnes & Noble. The simplest way to do this is to start a blog. A lot of potential author's worry about "giving away" too much info on a blog, so that there is nothing left for their book. Unless you write poetry, this is a non-issue and obsessing over it only looks unprofessional. It turns out people have no...

Some Predictions About Books By Way of Some Predictions About Music

By on Jul 10, 2010 in Books, Writing, Publishing, Capitalism, Economics, Gotta Hear This Music, Publishing:, Tech, Writers |

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the “future of publishing.” After all, books have never had as much cash to spare as the recording industry, and look at the mess they’re in. Already it is not so difficult for a self-published manuscript to sell itself on What will happen when everything goes digital? The suggestion is that there will be an opening of the gates, and the latest best-seller will stand on the same virtual shelf with thirty self-published manuscripts. The optimists claim that this is where the great unpublished books will be discovered and pessimists point to the unleashed masses of poorly thought-out, half-written tomes filled with spelling errors. But it doesn’t matter if fantastic self-published books are available if they’re drowned out by countless other books vying for the consumer’s attention. I’m...