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Best Music of 2011: Best Electro (Part II)

By on Feb 17, 2012 in Gotta Hear This Music, Playlists |

Best Electro of 2011 Part II Image by┬áJavier Medellin Puyou Kids Of 88 – My House (3:58) Hey dudes: if you’re looking for a song to sing at your woman while you jump around the dancefloor–this is the one.Try dancing like a maniac while mouthing “I’m gonna take you back to my house! I love the feeling when you touch me baby!” and surely you will get laid. M83 – Midnight City (4:03) This sounds like it should have been the lead single on the Tron soundtrack. After releasing countless albums, M83 is finally starting to get radio play with this song. No wonder, as the beat makes it a little less dreamwave than most of their other stuff. It’s hard to tell where the vocals end and the synth begins. And the passioned cry, “The city is my church!” never gets old. Mr. Little Jeans – The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover) (5:12) Remember...

Best Music of 2011: Best Indie Rock

By on Feb 16, 2012 in Gotta Hear This Music, Playlists | 2 comments

Best Indie Rock of 2011 PART I So begins at last my list of the finest songs of 2011. Last year I was all upset about the whole idea that one could even begin to honestly determine the very best songs put out in a year. Not because tastes differ too greatly, but because there’s just too much good music. This year I realized I could have thrown together a list in late December, which is what everyone wants. No one gives a damn about 2011 in February, right? But for some reason I couldn’t stop myself from pouring through everything I’d played on my radio stream, in search of something I’d missed. Some time in January, I realized that I don’t do this for you (sorry, readers). I do it for me, so I can be sure nothing gets lost in the music world’s relentless drive toward newer-better-bolder. So these songs of 2011 may be five minutes ago, but...

Best Music of 2011: Best Electro

By on Feb 14, 2012 in Gotta Hear This Music, Playlists |

Best Electro of 2011 – PART I Image via LaughterKey At last, the best electro of 2011. I’m not ranking these, they’re in alphabetical order. Forthcoming is the second half of this list, as well as the Best Indie Rock and the best Dance and the Best Chill Music. It’s about time, eh?   Born Gold – End of Days (2:38) Born Gold – Lawn Knives (2:04) Born Gold were born as GobbleGobble and have changed their names for whatever reason. I don’t like the new name, it makes them sound like another trite eletro band, when they’re probably the most original act on this list. Both of these songs are glitchy, fast, and explosive. They finally put out an album in 2011, so I can take this chance to lavish praise on their sound, which is something like what a zombie-Gameboy would sound like if it had been run over by a train. Not that their sound is...