It’s a Very Special Peacheater Indie Christmas playlist!

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Great indie lyricists #2: Los Campesinos!

This is song #2 of a playlist for Kat. The subject is great indie lyricists. Hi Kat, Since you've been obsessed with the Mountain Goats lately, we've been talking about who some of our favorite modern lyricists are. This playlist was made specifically to answer that question. Los Campesinos! We Are All Accelerated Readers listen/download lyrics There were conversations about what Breakfast Club character you'd be "I'd be the one that dies" (no one dies)"Well then what's the point?"You should have built have a statue, and so I did of you And you were ungrateful, and slightly offended at the… tell me more

We Are All Accelerated Readers

Here’s a little snippet from my journal from the night of the Los Campesinos show June 26, 2008. Definitions! skanking: V.  The dance you do at the Los Campesinos! show when you are hysterical with joy and you have leg room. pogo: V.  The dance you do at the Los Campesinos! show when you are packed like Mentos in a Coke bottle with other joyful fans. mosh:  V. What happens when the whole crowd fizzes over, bounding off walls and fleshy sweaty bodies all singing “It’s you…It’s me…It’s dancing!”. drum solo: N. When the drummer for Los Campesinos runs into… tell me more