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My New Favorite George Carlin Quote

By on Mar 5, 2014 in All, Culture, Humor |

  Watching George Carlin on YouTube and I caught this gem, now my new favorite Carlin quote, and I had to share it with you:   …followed up with “not every ejaculation deserves a name.” This whole nine minute segment is full of quotable tid-bits.

Why the Daily Show Keeps Winning Emmies

By on May 26, 2013 in All, Culture, Humor, Media, Politics, Writers | 1 comment

In a recent segment on The Daily Show Jon Stewart notes the contrast between hackers and potheads whom the DOJ targets and the big banks that continue to be prosecution proof. He leads into this with a segment that compares the Obama administration’s words to their action in their commitment to freedom of the press. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Priorities USA Daily Show Full Episodes Indecision Political Humor The Daily Show on Facebook   The LULz just keeping coming over a juxtaposition of news clips that no other news source would put together. You get news stories about: the prosecution of state-run marijuana shops, a man who faces twenty-five years for hacking a Taylor Swift article, and otherwise boring C-Span clips of the coverage of the DOJ’s attempts to find a bank they can prosecute. This isn’t news,...

Crazy San Francisco: Adults Race Big Wheels Trikes Down the Curviest Street in America

By on Apr 10, 2012 in Bay Area, Bicycles, Culture, Humor, San Francisco |

Lombard Street in San Francisco is known as the “curviest in America,” but city residents know that’s a big lie. Vermont Street in Potrero Hill is the curviest street in San Francisco, and therefore in the US. Good thing too, because if it were in some other city they probably wouldn’t spend every Easter dressing up in costumes and racing down dangerous curves on the tiny Big Wheels tricycles designed for Kindergarteners. Before the event starts, officials ride down the hill blaring a siren to warn pedestrians. Here’s an example of an “official” warning tricycle, this one carrying a girl dressed as Princess Leia. Note that the buns in her hair are actually big wheels. The race begins tame, letting actual children roll down the hill. So they don’t careen into the crazy switchbacks of Vermont St., ending the race in boo-boos and tears, most...


By on Sep 18, 2010 in All, Culture, Humor, Writing | 1 comment

As part of the ongoing crusade to remove trite words from my speech, lately I've taken to using the word "puppycock." This is not to be confused with poppycock. Or rather, it is too be confused so that I may delight in making the correction. I use this word in situations of surprising dismay, such as stubbing my toe or discovering a parking ticket. "Puppycock" is a perfect curse word. It captures something real that civilized people would rather not think about in the space of nine letters. It conveys a clear image of this thing. It is disturbing enough to furrow the brows of my fellow citizens, so that they may join for a moment in my unhappiness. But it is not so disturbing that polite ladies will not sit next to me in the dining hall. Christopher is a dog lover (considering the context of the curse, I beg you not to read into that) and he does not approve of...

Berkeley Bumpers

By on Nov 29, 2006 in Humor, Politics |

Phew. I am wiping the sweat from my brow, as I have just completed the challenge of writing a novel in thirty days. It was (way fucking) harder than I thought, but I’m still finished a day early. After over-indulgently, redundantly, and discursively rambling on at length in a verbose way, it is time to turn my attention to that art form that is the heighth of *conciseness: the bumper sticker. I can’t have my East coast friends missing out on all of the stickers that haven’t ciruclated there way just yet. So here are some of my favorite Berkeley bumper stickers that may be new to you: PBS MIND IN A FOX NEWS WORLD VOLDEMORT VOTES REPUBLICAN I MISS BILL MORE TREES, LESS BUSH WAR IS TERRORISM / WITH A BIGGER BUDGET and my favorite, DRAFT SUV DRIVERS FIRST. I have some catching up to do, reading everyone’s blogs and commenting. Let this blog be an exercise in...