Burning Man Playlist and Scrapbook 11. Shadow Run

Husky Rescue - Shadow Run (Arveene and Misk remix)
Click to listen to Husky Rescue – Shadow Run  (Arveene and Misk remix), download below

Dancing Fools Following Mutant Cars into the Desert

Regular cars aren’t allowed at Burning Man. If a vehicle is on the move, it’s either a mutant vehicle (art car), a burner who has just come through the gate seeking his or her camp, or a cop. Mutant vehicles were a big part of what made Black Rock City, and not only because they were such interesting works of art.

Because of the mutant vehicles, everything was constantly in flux.

At night the art cars would circle around the best DJs, like moths to the flame. It was quite an experience to see people, bicycles and cars moving not to a predetermined set or stage, but collectively gathering around some primal beat that spoke to them.

There was no boundary to where a dance floor ended or began. The process was organic, with clusters forming wherever people felt compelled to dance, and growing in size as more art cars were drawn to them. I remember seeing a couple dancing to the Bootie set blocks away from where Adrian was DJing. They were alone in the dark of the desert, not needing the mob, content to dance to the distant melody.

I’m sorry I lack the skill to describe the wonder and absurdity of  this flux. Watching people migrate across the cruel, dusty playa might be my favorite thing about Burning Man.


Husky Rescue – Shadow Run (Arveene & Misk Remix)

From my Burning Man dance mix

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