Bay to Breakers: This is How We Run A Footrace in San Francisco

Every city has their big charity race; in San Francisco it’s Bay to Breakers. Folks run from the beautiful Bay, through the city and all the way through Golden Gate Park. Unlike most cities, San Franciscans like to do it in costumes. And unlike other cities that get dressed up, these gold rush kids take their costumes seriously.

My first experience with Bay to Breakers was being handed a paper cup while running, the typical side-of-the-road refresher offered to runners, only to find out the cup was filled with beer. This year I decided to be lazy and wait at the finish line to get photos of some of the fantastic outfits. Nostalgia was in full force this year, with more Mario and Luigis than you can squeeze into a hidden green pipe and so many red-striped Waldos that the irony of finding so many of them was completely lost. There were also a ton of Smurfs, muppets and Angry Birds.

Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_8-49-33_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_10-27-40_am
Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_8-36-32_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_8-30-42_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_8-32-15_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-39-08_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-47-16_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-48-11_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_10-37-36_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_11-05-44_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_11-05-52_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_11-05-54_am

Here’s some of the beauties my camera was able to grab, certainly not comprehensive.   This set includes Star Wars, Smurfs, Pac-Man, Scrabble, some very rambunctious American Gladiators and a dog in leg warmers.

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