Bay to Breakers II: This is How We Run A Footrace in San Francisco

If you like to see sweaty people wearing costumes and running shoes, boy are you in luck: here’s my second batch of photos from San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers race. There’s even more photos in this batch.

Here we have Towely, Elvis, Carmen Sandiego, Tellytubbies, Ghostbusters, (more)  Marios (and carts, actually saw a much better set of Mario Carts but didn’t get a picture), three Divo heads (the fourth was crossing the street), bathroom boy and girl,a boyscout, Jesus Christ and his two wenches, and a magic lamp that wins any contest for “most phallic costume.” And some other stuff…you can look at the pictures faster than I can list them.

Which ones are running to raise money for charity and which ones are just looking for an excuse to get very drunk early on a Sunday morning? I’ll leave that to you.

Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_8-35-57_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_8-58-23_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-01-51_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-02-35_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-03-40_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-06-13_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-09-45_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-09-51_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-11-51_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-12-30_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-14-11_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-17-53_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-40-49_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-40-52_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-42-40_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_9-43-44_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_10-28-00_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_10-28-04_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_10-31-46_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_10-37-53_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_10-38-24_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_10-54-39_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_10-55-16_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_10-52-52_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_10-53-08_am Bay_to_breakers_5-15-2009_11-02-12_am

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