Rules for Shows #5: Genre Affects Dress

Image thanks to When I was a tween I went to my first R&B show (I believe it was EnVogue). I had been to oodles of shows so I knew the uniform: comfy jeans, comfy shoes, clever T, and discernible lack of hat. But there was a secret I didn't know about EnVogue fans: they dress up for a show like they are going to the prom. They get their hair styled, they wear suits and not dresses, but actual gowns. Gowns I tell you. They complete the look with the perfect prom accessory, a limousine. Not just one… tell me more

Rules for Shows #3: The Front of the Pit is Over-rated

  Rule #3   The first strings have been strummed and the singer has claimed the mic. The shovers are staking their claim in the pit. There is a rush to the stage, a general movement: the show is starting. The young and foolish punk will rush forward so they can be closer to the sweat and angst flying off the stage. It seems rational. But if you’ve taken the time to push to the front-and-center position, standing in front of the fresh mosh pit is the worst way to claim that sweet spot. Not so much because the pit… tell me more

Rules For Shows #2: Let People Exit

[photo thanks to Wil Wheaton]   Rule #2   Say you’re in a thick messy crowd with little room for movement. You are trying to get closer to the stage and some other asshole is trying to get to the bar and there isn’t room for both of you to advance at the same time. Who should go first? The person who is leaving the crowd should be allowed to exit first. They are creating more room, you will be taking up more room. Moreover, you don’t really know why this person is trying to get out. Maybe they are… tell me more

Rules for Shows: Don’t Be the Dick in the Hat

Image thanks to Feral Canvas   Rule #1 I know you thought that three foot tall velvet top hat was going to look good with your “I’M WITH STUPID” shirt, for some reason. What you didn’t think about when you assessed your outfit were the three thousand people standing behind you. I bet they’re all thinking “Wow, that’s a fine hat! I’d much rather see that hat than Lady Gaga! The money I paid for these tickets sure was worth it to see a fine hat like that.” Oh, wait, I meant none of them are thinking that. It doesn’t… tell me more

Treasure Island Music Festival: Saturday Evening

As a Floridian, most bands arouse the crowd by saying how surprised they are to see a lively crowd in the netherworld of suburban hell. All day at Treasure Island the bands were raving about how much they loved our city. While every band wants to sweet talk their audience, it’s easy to believe. Treasure Island has one of the best views of the skyline and I can only imagine, as a performer, what it must have been like to be standing on that stage with water all around you and San Francisco leaping up across the bay bridge. The… tell me more