Screenshots of Endless XKCD Click and Drag

Need a New Desktop Background?

XKCD, the greatest stick figure comic off all time, has today posted a ginormous one frame comic. You use your mouse to click and drag around the image…for what seems like forever. Not just left to right either: there’s a section that features the Super Mario Brothers, and if you go down the pipe it seems to go on forever yet again.

I saved some screenshots of the comic because I thought they would make nifty desktop backgrounds and I figured I’d share them with ya’ll. Remember, these are all just screenshots from one single frame comic. So nifty!

Not sure how hard it is to download images from this fancy newfangled gallery, but you can download all the XKCD screenshots as a zip file here.

Edit: This genius on Reddit posted a zoomable version of XKCD Click and Drag. Way to cheat it, hero. All the upvotes for you!