Great Indie Lyricists #4: The Limousines

This is song #4 of a playlist for my LYLAS Kat. The subject is great indie lyricists.Each post focuses on the lyrics of one band and why those lyrics are worth delving into.


The Limousines – Very Busy People lyrics

Speaking of pop-bands-too-cute-to-believe-they’re-lyrically-strong, tell me I have played The Limousines for you before. I have, right? Right? I’ve been obsessed with this particular song for more than a year. Actually wrote about it once before. I just love every second of it. Kind of sick of playing it, actually. But more people need to hear it, so I’m gonna keep putting it out there.

The lyrics are a good part of what fueled my obsession. It’s definitely one to add to your shower songs repertoire, as well as your warbling, beer-swilling song list. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but I think what I love is how it perfectly captures the luxury of being American. The idle pleasures of the middle class are one of my literary obsessions, so maybe I’m biased. But the way the imagery in this song jumps playfully from excess to excess really tickles my fancy.


that Donnie Darko DVD

 has been repeating for a week
and we know every single word.


I’ve got an iPod like a pirate ship
I’ll sail the seas on fifty thousand
songs I’ve never heard


I love the specifics. It’s not “we watch a lot of movies for no reason,” he memorizes a particular one, just ‘cuz. It’s not, “and we download lots of mp3s.” Instead, he has this clever piracy line. And he doesn’t just have lots, he has lots he’s never bothered to listen to. This is the real luxury of the middle class: Excess everything, for no particular reason. While I really like the rest of this album, none of the other songs to the degree of obsessive ardor I have for “Very Busy People.” I just know you would love the whole CD. 

The Limousines – Very Busy People