You can email me at karma [at] The Name of This Blog [.com]. Wherein of course, the name of this blog is

Or you could tweet at me (though I confess I don’t check replies there daily).

The best way to reach me is, oddly enough, to  send me a song on the music site I’m @daretoeatapeach. You’ll need an account on Blip for that, which I highly recommend.

If you’ve come to this blog for a particular thing and don’t give a rats ass about the rest, you can follow my Tumblr/Posterous blogs instead of this one. If you want to follow just my posts in a particular category, here’s how to do that:

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I’ve also been known to contribute to the political blog Subversive Soapbox.

I hope that’s not too complicated. Basically, I send everything I write to Posterous and here, and additional stuff I want to share (photos, cool websites, quotes, etc) goes to Tumblr also. If you have any questions, just email me.

Also: to those who have inquired about the my Pangalactic Plog Generator: Updates are coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Recently, Lisa, Marilyn and I visited and toured Ft. Augustine. We went in a beautiful Catholic church. We lit candles for people-$1 for a small candle, and $5 for a large one. The candles have to come from somewhere.

    I wonder, could I bring my own candles? I can get them at the Dollar Tree….

  2. On September 5, 2005, Mrs. Bush and her husband, former president George Bush, toured the Astrodome complex in Houstan when it was being used as lodging for thousands of citizens displaced by hurricane Katrina. Later that day, Mrs. Bush was a guest on Marketplace, a show on public radio. During that interview she made those remarks [of which you address} about her interactions with the peole quartered in the Astrodome.
    Verified through the Associated Press. “White House: Mrs. Bush Comment Personal.”
         September 7, 2005
    The New York Times. “Barbara Bush Calls Evacuees Better Off.”
         September 7, 2005 (p. A22)

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