Check Out My Guest Posts on Learn HTML With Song

A cool new site just launched all about producing educational coding music videos. The idea is that if you’re going to get a catchy song stuck in your head, why not have those lyrics teach you HTML, the language of the web?

It’s called Learn HTML With Song, and it’s made by a San Francisco coder, Diane Presler, with more than 20 years experience as an HTML teacher. Here’s an example of one of their videos.

Learning the HTML IMG Tag With Claude Parnell

In addition to videos, Learn HTML With Song has seven beginner HTML lessons already since their launch this month, and they’re releasing new ones every week. Unlike most dry coding sites, every lesson is filled with fun images and it’s written in a clear conversational tone that’s easy to understand. The lessons are starting from scratch so you don’t have to know a thing about coding to get learning.

I’ve done a series of guest posts for their launch on How the Internet Works. These posts are a good example of how Learn HTML With Song is keeping it simple for beginners. In order to be a coder you have to upload web pages to the server. Most educational sites assume their readers know what’s going on when a person uploads files, and has a general understanding of how the Internet works. I’ve taken the task of explaining this process in three posts.

How the Internet Works

how the Internet works (pic of an old computer)

Before you learn HTML, several important questions must be answered: What is a server? What is a web host? How does the Internet work anyway? This three-part lesson will provide a simple introduction to what is going on when you upload your site to the Internet. Today we answer the question: How does the Internet work? Read more

What Is  a Server

What is a server [Grumpy cat meme]

What is a server? What is a web host? And what’s the difference between a server and a web host?

In Part I of this series, you learned that if you want to share your funky song list with Jive Jerome, you can make it available on your computer, so long as you’re part of a network, like an intranet or the Internet… read more

 How to Upload a Webpage to the Internet

Pinkerton the dog
I managed to sneak a photo of my puppy Mr Pink into this guest post.

Previously you learned how the the Internet works, what a server is and a web host too. But all that was a broad overview, today we’ll go over the basics of how to upload a web page. Read More

Beyond these guest posts, I’m doing a lot of work to help Diane with editing and image sourcing these posts. I’m really proud to be involved in this project and I look forward to sharing more info about the site as it grows.

By the way, Diane is always looking for indie musicians who want to get paid to make music about HTML. Bonus if you have any coding experience. Extra bonus if you live in the Bay Area, so you can star in your own music video. If you’re a musician and songwriter looking for a gig that is doing something good in the world, get in touch.