I was reading the Bad Astronomy blog’s list of best photographs of space for 2006. The winning picture was of Saturn:


Far away is this little speck in the center left. It looks like this:


That little particle of dust is our little sleepy planet. From here you can’t see the bitchy office politics or the drama of personal failures. You can’t see the difference between Democrats or Republicans, Russians or Argentinians. You can’t even see the polar ice caps melting.

I hope your New Year’s Eve brought you all the hope and promise of a new year: grandiose visions of your own future greatness. I hope you have an image of yourself as more motivated, more beautiful, shedding your secret identity as you leap from tall building to tall building, rescuing damsels and pouncing villians with an ounce of wit to boot.
Now for day one: a little persective.