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It’s All Pinkerton’s Fault — Of Adorable Monsters and Lazy Women

By on Jan 30, 2013 in Gotta Hear This Music | 1 comment

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Meet my new friend Pinkerton. He’s 12 weeks old, with a bladder capacity of three hours, less when he’s excited. This can get in the way of getting you those Best of 2012 lists. But I always have an excuse, don’t I?

11 week old Maltese puppy

The source of my distraction

His name is Mr. Pinkerton Floyd, which is a reference to:

For your patience, here’s a song. It’s the so appropriate 2012 song “Dirty Paws” from Of Monsters And Men’s album My Head Is An Animal. Many have picked this album as the best album of the year. It’s not my favorite, but it’s certainly a worthy choice.

Of Monsters and Men – Dirty Paws

Also, while I’m waiting for the song to upload…a note about the music player. It disappeared when I updated my blog’s theme. That’s why I’m supposed to use a child theme, I know. But I haven’t gotten that all worked out yet. So the player will be back, and then you’ll be able to listen to all the music links posted on this site like they are a playlist.

And one more picture of Mr. Pink the Maltese. Because puppies, yay!

Here my Maltese looks like he's giving me his best Dos Equis face

"I don't always chew bones, but when I do, I chew Dos Equis."

It’s All Pinkerton’s Fault — Of Adorable Monsters and Lazy Women

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