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Crazy San Francisco: Adults Race Big Wheels Trikes Down the Curviest Street in America

By on Apr 10, 2012 in Bay Area, Bicycles, Culture, Humor, San Francisco |

Lombard Street in San Francisco is known as the “curviest in America,” but city residents know that’s a big lie. Vermont Street in Potrero Hill is the curviest street in San Francisco, and therefore in the US. Good thing too, because if it were in some other city they probably wouldn’t spend every Easter dressing up in costumes and racing down dangerous curves on the tiny Big Wheels tricycles designed for Kindergarteners. Before the event starts, officials ride down the hill blaring a siren to warn pedestrians. Here’s an example of an “official” warning tricycle, this one carrying a girl dressed as Princess Leia. Note that the buns in her hair are actually big wheels. The race begins tame, letting actual children roll down the hill. So they don’t careen into the crazy switchbacks of Vermont St., ending the race in boo-boos and tears, most...

Contemplate This While I’m Breathing Your Exhaust

By on Apr 17, 2006 in Bicycles |

Now and then as I’m cycling along the streets of Atlanta, a motorist will honk at me. I can see only two reasons for this: 1. I look so fetching in that styrofoam helmet, you just couldn’t resist blaring your Danger! signal at my sexy abs. Thanks for sharing. 2 (and more likely). You don’t like that my slow-moving bicycle is taking up space on your precious asphalt. There are a few reasons that I might be riding in the road, other than the sadistic pleasure of pissing you off. Atlanta’s sidewalks are entirely unpredictable. They’re often cracked and broken, or have huge holes or strange things drilled into them. Those handy street signs you’re so fond of are often jutting out of the middle of the sidewalk. Same goes for those huge, lovely historic-looking streetlamps. I love trees, even sticking out of the middle of a sidewalk. But they sure...