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We Don’t Need Facebook

By on Jun 6, 2010 in Lifehacking, Tech | 19 comments

Facebook has given privacy a kick in the groin. If this is news to you, you should probably check out: Facebook’s Gone Rogue; It’s Time for an Open Alternative [Wired] or Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook [Gizmodo] or Facebook Further Reduces Your Control Over Personal Information [EFF]. FB Privacy Policy: Longer Than the Constitution Those who’ve been watching the plucky start-up were already aware that Facebook is mired in accusations that it was founded by a crook and funded by a nut and some gooks. Into this fray comes Facebook’s controversy over their privacy settings. It used to be that Facebook provided a space that was just for friends and family. “Just” as in “only.” As in, not public. The new privacy settings even led to a movement last month to have a “Quit Facebook Day.” Even if you manage to tackle...

Stomping on the Embers of 2009

By on Dec 20, 2009 in All, Culture, Lifehacking | 2 comments

While many will bravely take their birthday spankings, no secular ritual seems to incite more whining than that of the New Year’s Resolution. Those who do not participate do so with scorn and derision, you can almost see the spit fly from their lips with their ready quip about why they are better than such a ritual. Others list their resolutions with the temerity of a spurned lover waiting by the phone. For a ritual that more of my friends participate in than Christmas Mass, I can’t name anyone who actually likes New Year’s Resolutions. Well I like them. Yes, I understand that the first of the year is a totally arbitrary date. So what? So is Christmas. If you want to set goals in June, no one is going to complain. The problem is that most of us don’t. We hem and haw about how we don’t have any time and then another years slips by and our dreams sit in a...