Let's put your character in a sticky situation.

Every good story is just a test of conflict. What your character will do in a particular situation IS their character. What they do is what they're made of. This means your character is going to have to suffer. A lot. "But I love my character!" You say, "How can I possibly come up with ways to make them suffer?" That's what this page is for. Within the box is one wonderful terrible thing you can do to screw up your character's day, thereby raising the stakes and making everything get a little more interesting.

Perhaps this scene would be more interesting if it happened at a mad, bad-ass party. Who is flirting? Who is wasted? Who is so xenophobic they are hiding in the closet? Whose stuff gets stolen? Who is the keymaster (I HAVE HIDDEN YOUR KEYS! YOU MUST CHILL!) ?

Some ways this might be useful:
After all, writing stories is just a long series of "what ifs?.."

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